Utilising Adsmart From Sky’s data system the viewing passions data allows you to target households based on what they’ve watched. Having run multiple successful campaigns in niche business sectors the viewing passions data allows you to hit people that normal targeting wouldn’t. Want people that have watched all the motorcycle races over the year? We […]

What is it?

Viewing passions on Sky TV allows a client to target households, based on the programmes that they are watching on a regular basis. For example, targeting those watching specific shows that are in-line with your target marketing profile.

We can build segments that include 100s of specific programmes relevant to your target audience and serve those homes with a targeted TV advert.

This excludes any audience ‘wastage’.

Post campaign, we can evaluate the success of the campaign on a 1-2-1 basis by matching up sales data (via full address) against Sky households.

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