Competition IQ allows us to input competitors to pull through profiles and retarget this data across our platforms.

What is it?

CompetitorIQ allows a client to target households based on their online activity and the websites they are viewing.

We can build several segments that include targeting households where someone present has been a regular visitor to your competitors website(s). These customers are often in market to make a purchase. In addition we can profile websites and pull back who and what they’re viewing and build the perfect targeted audience across all display channels.

Want to know who’s viewing industry relevant websites and their profile? We can do that too.

Post campaign, we can evaluate the success of the campaign on a 1-2-1 basis in co-ordination with your in-house sales metrics.

How could it be used?

Our competitor IQ targeting relies on the input of multiple locations to track. These could be rival dealerships, event locations (shows / exhibitions) or even your own stores.
We then process this data through our system to be able to build audiences based on these store visits for future targeting or use these locations for tracking footfall from activated campaigns.
Competitor IQ can be used for multiple purposes, it has look back windows just in case you want to back track to an event and allows additional demographic targeting to be added .

Worldwide targeting

Competitor IQ doesn’t just have to be the UK.
We have availability to build audiences in most countries.