Using one of the the worlds largest shopping platforms we’re able to build custom data sets from eBay that allow us to target customers based on what they’ve been bidding on, watching, searching or bought data as well as adding lookalike and potential other customers into the mix.

What is it?

eBay allows us to build target audiences based on bought, bidding, search and watching data. We can include or exclude any of the above possibilities. If for example someone has purchased a specific product then we can show them another product that compliments this, or, if someone is watching or searching for a product we can show an alternative.
Someone that buys a mobile phone can be shown insurance, or if someone searches for a used mobile phone we can show them an upgrade ad for example.
We can use this data to build specific audiences at a product or category level.
This is one of our most popular data sets as it allows us to target people with specific interests/buying intentions.